Collecting the folklore and uses of plants


1. Agrimony tea was good for liver complaints [Grosmont, Gwent, November 1994].

2. From my maternal grandparents, John Holder (b. 1856) and Mary Surman (b. 1858) … Agrimony – dried and made into aggermoney tea, for chesty coughs [Cinderford, Gloucestershire, November 1993].

3. My next memory would have been here somewhere around 1914, when, after cutting the hay, the carter went down the rows picking out what I knew was agrimony, and hanging a great sheaf of it on the tail-board of his cart. On asking him what it was for, he replied ‘Agrimony tay, the best physic there is, come springtime’ [Charlbury, Oxfordshire, January 1991].

Images:  main, Stonegate, East Sussex, July 2015; inset Scadbury Park, London Borough of Bromley, September 2022.