Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

Caper spurge

0491.  1995-8.  In Germany we think it [caper spurge] keeps little mice away [Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Surrey, September 2014].

2.  I have a friend in Germany who tells me that the German name for caper spurge is Maulwurfvertreiber (= mole deterrent) [South London Botanical Institute, June 2004].

3. My information comes from a geographical region stretching from Yorkshire to Midlothian … The white sap of caper spurge cures warts [Minehead, Somerset, October 1993].

4. Dad used to grow some sort of spurge in the garden which we called ‘Mole Plant’, it was supposed to deter the moles we had in the garden [Itchen, Hampshire, June 1993].

Images: main, Dartford, Kent, January 2015; inset, Kettering station car park, Northamptonshire, August 2015.