Collecting the folklore and uses of plants


0111. Steaming your face in steam from boiling water with chamomile in it will get rid of blackheads. Devon, 1960s [Folklore Society meeting, Scarborough, September 2018].

2.  Rinse hair after washing in an infusion made from chamomile flowers. It will enhance the colour of blonde hair.
Dried chamomile flowers made into a tea have a calming effect [Wimbledon, London, June 2013].

3. From my Mum and Nan. My Mum was born in Hednesford, Staffs, and my Nan was born in Colton, near Rugeley, Staffs. My Nan was a keen gardener … chamomile to lighten hair [e-mail, April 2012].

4. Chamomile infusion for keeping blonde hair blonde (flowers of chamomile) [Hayes, Kent, March 1997].

Images:  cultivated, Beckenham Place Park, London Borough of Lewisham, August 2014; inset, cultivated, Chard, Somerset, July 2015.