Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

Four-leaved clover

0121. We used to spend hours looking for 4-leaved clovers. Sometimes we found one and my mother used to stitch it into a plastic square with her old Singer sewing machine and we kept it for good luck [Patton, Cumbria, January 2013].

2. An even ash or a four-leaved clover,
And you’ll see your love before the day is over
– no idea where this comes from, but it appeared to refer to a known lover, or someone one fancied – have used it often! [Streatham, London, January 2010].

3. From a man, an ordinary factory-worker, in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1965:
Luck is a question of pluck, doing things over and over, patience and skill, perserverance and will, are the four lucky leaves of a clover [Stirling, April 2005].

0834. 4-leaved clover for luck – I’ve had them stuffed in books and pinned on walls, but haven’t noticed much luck coming anyway yet!
[Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire, June 1997].

5. Spent a lot of time as children searching for a 4-leafed clover for luck [West Wickham, Kent, March 1997].

6. The belief that four-leaved clover is lucky is widespread in Scandinavia. (I do believe it) [Stockholm, Sweden, November 1994].

Images: main, postcard, posted Newnham, Gloucestershire, October 1907; upper inset, four-leaved white clover, Trifolium repens (in the British Isles most, if not all, naturally occurring four-leaved clovers are of this species), Tooting Common, London Borough of Wandsworth, September 2015; lower inset, stylised four-leaved clover logo of Lotto Berlin, Berlin, Germany, April 2015.