Collecting the folklore and uses of plants


1. I’m sure it is unscientific, but my grandmother used to make me drink freshly squeezed lemon juice (as tart as you can take it) with hot water [to cure a cold]. I still do it and it does seem to clear my chest when I have a really hacking cough [Lewes, East Sussex, November 2011].

2. The best cure I know for a cough is some lemon and boiling water. Then breathe it in through your nose.
For acne I would also suggest a lemon. Cut it in half and with cotton wool dab the juices on … It works wonders [Beaconsfield High School, Buckinghamshire, November 2003].

3. For an upset stomach: plain boiled rice and lemon juice, all stirred together. Remedy from Rome, Italy [Natural History Museum, London, May 2003].

Image: Brixton Village, London Borough of Lambeth; February 2014.