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All Souls Day, west London 2021

Visited two west London cemeteries:  Gunnersbury Cemetery, which belongs to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea but is in the London Borough of Hounslow, and South Ealing Cemetery in the London Borough of Ealing, on Monday 1 November, the day before All Souls Day 2021.  Both cemeteries are still receiving new burials and thus have many recent graves.

Gunnersbury Cemetery contains the graves of people from many parts of the world, and although there many of the graves were receiving care, for the most part this seemed to be the sort of attention which they regularly receive.  However, a few Polish graves (see first image) were decorated for All Souls.  Presumably the red and white roses were chosen as these colours are those of the Polish flag.

South Ealing Cemetery contains many Polish graves, and some of these were receiving attention, having lanterns and flowers placed on them (see second image).

Presumably there would have been greater activity in both cemeteries on 2 November, All Souls Day.

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