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Bert Vickery R.I.P.

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Eveleigh Albert, commonly known as Bert, Vickery, father of the compiler of this website died in the early hours of  Thursday 28 March 2019.  He was 97 and had become increasingly feeble both mentally and physically during recent years.

He left school at 13 or 14 and spent his life farming, first working for his father, then on his own, and finally helping his son Roger.  A few letters written early in the 1940s show that he was able to write well, but later in life his wife, Elsie, dealt with all of his correspondence and he almost lost the ability to write, although for many years he kept diaries recording his farming and social activities.  Probably if he had been born 60 years later he would have been considered dyslexic.  He was a great reader of local newspapers and church magazines.

He was also a faithful supporter of his son Roy’s writing activities, continually searching his memories for anything which might be useful, and was almost excessively proud of Roy’s publications.  Most of the material from ‘Sadborow, Dorset’, or ‘Thorncombe, Dorset’ mentioned in Roy’s works came from him or Elsie,

Image: Bert and Elsie Vickery on their golden wedding anniversary, 20 October 1995.

Edited 17 April 2019.

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