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Chepstow Spudfest, 2023

Earlier in 2023 a monument was erected in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, to commemorate the 10 anniversary of the Wales Coast Path.  This was ridiculed and compared by some with a tinfoil-wrapped baked potato.  The local council responded by creating a Spudfest which took place on Saturday 21 October.  The day started off rather grey and damp, but improved during the afternoon.

Outdoor events were held near the monument in a grassy area known as the Riverside, and others were held in the Drill Hall.  Among the attractions offered out of doors were a couple of food stalls,  a form of coconut shies, in which the coconuts were replaced by potatoes and people were given a bucketful of balls so that they could try to knock all the potatoes off their stands before running out of balls, a competition to see who could complete a course carrying a 7.5 or 20 kg sack of potatoes in the least time, a spud and spoon race, and performances by a brass band and a community choir.

More information and pictures can be found on Chepstow SpudFest Facebook.

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