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Church flowers at Widdington, Essex

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Flowers placed on shelf below 1914-19 war memorial in St Mary the Virgin, Anglican, Church, Widdington, Essex.

According to the March 2024 parish magazine, there are usually only two flower arrangements in the Church, one below the war memorial, and the other on a pedestal in the sanctuary.  More flowers are provided at major festivals, but only red poppies and evergreens are allowed on Remembrance Sunday, and no flowers are permitted during Lent:

‘It has been our aim for some time now to try to use locally grown flowers. which not only sit well with our … natural landscape and go some way towards addressing environmental issues such as reducing air miles and unnecessary packaging.  We can use most flowers or types of foliage as long as it will keep in water for a few days.  All donations welcome!’

In addition to the memorial which lists eight service men who died in the war, St Mary’s also displays a list of some 40 men who ‘served their king an country and returned in safety’.

However, when the church was visited on 8 June, the shelf below the war memorial was empty, but there were two arrangements on windowsills (see image below).

Upper photograph taken 27 May 2024.

Updated 9 June 2024.

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