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Commemorating the Last Supper, Spain

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Segovia 097Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter, is traditionally considered to be the day on which Christ and his disciples gathered for their final meal – the Last Supper – and this meal is one of the elements commemorated in the celebration of Holy Communion, the Lord’s Supper, or Mass.

In Catholic Spain it is usual for the chapel which contain the sacraments (Corpus Christi) used at Mass to be abundantly decorated with flowers on Maundy Thursday and the following day, Good Friday, and for worshippers to visit as many churches as possible to pray in front of the sacraments.  Thus at least a part of each church is decorated with flowers on Good Friday, Segovia 138a day on which Anglican (? and Catholic) churches in the United Kingdom do not allow floral decorations, these being in put in place on Saturday, ready for the celebration of the risen Christ on Sunday, Easter Day.

Images:  upper, grapes (Vitis vinifera) and wheat (Triticum aestivum), symbolising the wine and bread used in the celebration of Mass, decorating the Corpus Christi  chapel, church of the Convent of Corpus Christi, Segovia; lower, Chapel of the Sacrament, Segovia Cathedral, Castile & Leòn, Spain, both photographed Thursday 24 March 2016.

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