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2014-09-04 15.49.08According to the Daily Telegraph of 21 October 2013: ‘After noticing some of his pupils … looking quizzically at horse chestnuts [Aesculus hippocastanum nuts] on the ground’ John Cattermole, head teacher at Littleport Community Primary School in Cambridgeshire, has decided to teach children how to play conkers.
Letters have been sent asking for their permission for him to do so; no parent has requested that their child should opt out.
Mr Cattermole commented ‘We believe conkers is a fun, healthy game to play. It is also good for hand/eye co-ordination and gets children talking about maths and numbers as they play.’
In a letter published on the following day 22 October 2013, he reported: ‘The children have picked the game up very quickly and love playing it in the playground. They have learnt a traditional game and their lives are all the better for it.’

Image:  Tooting Common, London Borough of Wandsworth; September 2014.

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