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Druids’ Spring Equinox celebrations

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As they have done for many years in the past, Druids gathered to form a circle at Tower Hill, London, on 20 March 2019, to celebrate the Spring Equinox.  About 40 white-robed Druids assembled just before noon for a ceremony which lasted for about 50 minutes.  Two middle-aged women with garlands of florists’ flowers on their heads, one carrying a basket of flowers and the other a wooden bowl of seeds, accompanied a younger woman who wore a gold-coloured cloak over her gown.  At one stage during the ceremony the bowl of seeds were passed over to a male Druid who walked around the inside of the circle scattering the seeds of flax (Linum usitatissimum) pumpkin (Cucurbita sp.), and sunflower (Helianthus annuus) on the ground.  Presumably none of the three seeds used had any particular symbolic meaning.  As the ceremony took place on the sterile paved Tower Hill Terrace there was no chance of any of them germinating.  According to TimeOut London of March 19-25, 2019, the sowing is ‘meant to represent the sowing of new ideas or plans for the year ahead’.  A senior Druid then slowly read a short talk, and the company processed back to the cafe in nearby All Hallows by the Tower church.

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