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Flowers in City churches

Elsewhere on this website it has been noted that many churches do not allow floral decorations during Advent, and attention has been drawn to Sustainable Church Flowers, an organisation set up to restrict the environmental impact of church flowers.  Therefore observations made during visits to two City of London churches – St Stephen Walbrook and St Vedast-alias-Foster – on 14 December 2022 might be of interest.

At St Stephen’s arrangements of artificial yellow and white flowers were placed on either side of the entrance steps, while inside there were two large pedestal arrangements, and four enormous wreaths, and an Advent wreath, composed mainly of artificial red and white flowers (though some fresh ivy and conifer twigs were used in the pedestal arrangements).

One of the church’s welcomers said that she had only recently heard of churches banning flowers during Advent, and added that St Stephen’s flowers were not real ones anyway.  She didn’t think that church had been so extravagantly decorated for any particular event.

At St Vedast’s large arrangements of fresh, florists’ flowers were placed on the altar rails.  It is not known if these had been prepared for a special event.

Edited 4 January 2023.

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