Collecting the folklore and uses of plants


The most recent issue of the Herb Society’s* magazine Herbs (vol. 36, part 4, December 2011), includes a number of articles relating to plant-lore:
An extract from Terry Breverton’s recently published Breverton’s Complete Herbal discusses plant names and folklore.
Gareth Evans pleads for a re-evaluation of Welsh herbal traditions, and an increased effort to collect surviving herbal remedies.
Anthony Lyman-Dixon writes on root-collectors from ancient Greece to the present when a belief that ‘”wild crafted” herbs are seen as possessing ridiculously exaggerated merits’ has led to the near extermination of medicinal plants in some parts of the world.
Pamela Westland briefly surveys ‘Myth, legend and herbs: the whys and wherefores of herb lore’, exploring the writings of the educated elite up to the times of Culpeper and Shakespeare, rather than the beliefs of the more ordinary ‘folk’.


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