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Holly prevents ringworm

Interesting note received from Thorncombe, Dorset, 4 February 2022:

‘Are you familiar with hanging holly [Ilex aquifolium] in calf sheds to stop them getting ringworm?  Old fashioned farmers swear by it, and quite a few modern, progressive farmers seem to do it with good results.  It seems to work, but I’ve no idea why.’

Comments and further records would be greatly appreciated –

Comment:  From William Milliken, of Kew’s Ethnovetinary Medicine Project: ‘I have received this information from several other people, but this is probably more of a rite than a cure.  Apparently holly is also used to treat ringworm on cattle in France and Spain’.

Image: Gallery Road, Dulwich, London Borough of Southwark, February 2022.

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