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Ludlow Palmers’ Guild

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The Palmers’ Guild of Ludlow, Shropshire, was founded in the thirteenth century as a mutual benefit society, providing support for members who had fallen into hard times, and assistance for the sick, particularly lepers and the blind.  The Guild also ‘conferred many benefits’, including the provision of music, on St Laurence’s, the parish church The word ‘Palmer’ was synonymous with ‘pilgrim’ as pilgrims often brought back palm branches as evidence of their journey to the Holy Land.  They were suppressed during the reign of  King Edward VI (r.1547-53).

Since its formation in 2006 the Conservation Trust for St Laurence, the supporters of which are known as the Ludlow Palmers, has been raising funds to ‘support projects designed to conserve the fabric and treasures of St Laurence’s’.

Images: banner and embroidered kneeler, both in St John’s Chapel, formerly the Chapel of the Ludlow Palmer’s Guild, St Laurence’s church, Ludlow, photographed May 2023.

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