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Oak Apple Day, Northampton, 2022

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Oak Apple Day, 29 May, which commemorates the restoration of the monarchy in 1660, is marked by an annual civic service at All Saints church, Northampton.  Although Northampton supported the Parliamentarians during the Civil War, King Charles II was a generous benefactor when All Saints needed rebuilding after the 1675 Great Fire of Northampton.

In 2022 the service was attended by the Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire, the High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, the Mayor of Northampton, other local dignitaries and their consorts (some wearing springs of oak, Quercus), and a congregation which filled the church’s nave.  A thoughtful sermon, delivered by the Assistant Bishop of Peterborough, was followed by Holy Communion.

After the service people moved to the area in front of the church for the ‘Wreathing Ceremony’, the placing of an oak wreath on the statue of King Charles which stands above the church’s entrance.  This was achieved after three attempts, the first two ending with the wreath falling to the ground.  After the statue had been successfully wreathed the National Anthem was sung, the Mayor proposed a toast, and the Bishop pronounced a blessing, before people dispersed.

Edited 11 November 2022.

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