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Palm Sunday in Witney, 2019

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Attended the Palm Sunday service at St Mary the Virgin church, Witney, Oxfordshire, on 14 April 2019.  People attending were offered a piece of greenery – cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus), ivy (Hedera helix) or bamboo, and a palm cross.  At the start of the service those who were able were invited to gather round the altar and the presiding priest sprinkled the ‘palms and branches’ with holy water.  People, led by the priests and choir then progressed around the outside of the church while singing ‘Ride on, ride on in majesty’.  On re-entering the church everyone joined in singing a Palm Sunday version of ‘Sing Hosanna’, vigorously waving around their palms.  The latter part of the service consisted of a sermon, more hymns and holy communion.  At its end few, if any, people took their greenery home, and most left it on their chairs, or on the floor, to be cleared up later.


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