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Pink carnations

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004On Monday 15 July the same-sex marriage bill was debated for the last time, and passed,
in the House of Lords. According to a report in The Times of 16 July 2013, some of the peers (presumably supporters of the bill) wore pink carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus).
Presumably on this occasion the carnations had natural pink petals, but as carnations with white petals can have their colour changed by placing their stems in water containing dyes of different colours, green and blue flowers can be produced. The former were worn by Oscar Wilde and his circle in the 1890s, and the latter – a rather unattractive shade of pale blue – were worn about 30 years ago by Conservatives attending election night counts in Wandsworth, London, and possibly elsewhere.

Image: Sunnyside Residential Home, Chard, Somerset; May 2015.

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