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Plant-lore Archive: December 2018

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December 2018 was a comparatively quiet month.  Only seven items of information from five contributors were received, so the Archive now contains 7869 items of information from 2341 informants.

Use of the website continued to fall with only 4924 searches being made during the month, but the associated Facebook page, Plant lore and Traditions, was reactivated.

Visits were paid to Glastonbury, for the cutting of the Holy Thorn ceremony, and Hastings, for the International Spronkers Competition.

Work on Vickery’s Folk Flora concentrated on the selection of colour plates.  One minor publication was produced:

Ubiquitous groundsel, The Bedside Edition (Wandsworth Society), 2018: 54.

Image: plaque listing winners of the Annual International Spronkers Competition, The Jenny Lind, Hastings, East Sussex, December 2018.

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