Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

Plant-lore Archive: January 2018

The early part of the month was spent preparing images for the Folk Flora, which were sent to the publishers on 4 January.  Thanks to Carlos Bruzon for his patient help with this.

27 items of information were received from 21 contributors during the month, thus the Archive now contains 7645 items from 2174 contributors.  Thank you everyone.

6003 searches were made of the website during the month, up again from December 2017 and the previous January.  However, it remains disappointing that although many people consult, and possibly use, material on website, very few are willing to contribute to it.  No contributions were received via this means during the month.

Much time was spent editing the database of local plant-names, from which the website’s Local Names page is derived, and which currently holds 13,629 entries.  An article ‘Mother-die: plant-names and folk beliefs’ was submitted for publication in Folklore.

Image:  wreath placed by the Burns Club of London at the base of a statue of Robert Burns (1759-96) in Embankment Gardens, London.  The roses presumably refer to his famous 1794 poem ‘My love is like a red, red rose’, and Eryngium seems to be replacing various Asteraceae as ‘Scottish thistle’; 28 January 2018.

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