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Plant-lore Archive: May 2019

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41 items of information were received from 41 contributors during the month, bringing the total holdings to 7976 items of information from 2421 contributors.  Thank you everyone.

12,357 searches were made of the website, the most for any month so far this year, but down on May 2018.

A visit was made to the Lewes Garland Day, and various talks and walks were well attended.

We are sorry to record the death of Irene Palmer, a former president of the South London Botanical Institute, an authority on Charles Darwin’s activities around his home at Down House, and the pollination of British orchids.  Irene was always keen to pass on any plant-lore which she came across, and most of the material from ‘Orpington, Kent’, on this  website was contributed by her.

One minor publication was produced:

Cemetery Plants: Nettle (Urtica dioica), Part 2: Fibre and dyes, Friends of Brompton Cemetery Magazine 64: 15.

Vickery’s Folk Flora is now available in most larger bookshops and is believed to be selling well.

Edited 31 December 2021.

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