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Plant-lore Archive: November 2020

November was a comparatively quiet month with activities restricted due to the goverment’s imposition of a second Covid-19 lockdown.  Never-the-less one event was squeezed in before this started, a tree walk for the volunteer tree-wardens at Beddington Park, in the London Borough of Sutton.  This park, which is little known by people outside its immediate vicinity is well worth a visit.  It is hoped that a plant-lore walk will be held there in 2021.

17 items of information were received from nine contributors, bringing the totals to 8485 items from 2761 contributors.

Good progress was made on a book on English plant-names, and the search for a publisher has started.  Facebook appeals for information on local plant-names produced some interesting material, but the response on the whole was rather disappointing.

It was reported on 12 November that 4019 hard-copies and 3770 e-books of Vickery’s Folk Flora had been sold.*

One minor publication was produced:

Cemetery Plants: Green alkanent (Pentaglottis sempervirens), Friends of Brompton Cemetery Magazine 70: 6.

* We were informed on 3 December that the publisher’s sales analyst had miscalculated and, in fact,  3844 hard-copies, and  254 e-books had been sold.

Image:  sloes, fruit of blackthorn, Prunus spinosa, Tilehurst, Essex, November 2020.

Edited 28 February 2021.

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