Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

Plant-lore walks and talks, 2021

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With, we hope, the end of the lockdown in sight, Roy Vickery is available again to lead walks or give talks, from late in March.

As usual these events are provided free of charge in the London area,  and usually only travel expenses are required for events elsewhere; it is hoped that Roy will be rewarded by people sharing their knowledge of the folklore and uses of plants.

Walks can be held on any open land and  be adapted according to participants’ mobility.  Talks are similar to walks:  the first involves taking samples of plants indoors to audiences, the second involves taking people to the plants.


Image:  Roy Vickery examining ginkgo, Ginkgo biloba, during a tree walk in Streatham Cemetery, Tooting, London Borough of Wandsworth, August 2020; © Lea Tatham.

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