Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

Plant-lore walks and talks

20130909_182331Roy Vickery is available to provide walks and talks discussing the folklore and uses of plants throughout 2015.

Each of these is different depending on what plants are available, and they can be  adapted depending to audiences’ interest.  The walks and talks are similar: in the case of walks people are taken to the plants, in the case of talks plants are brought to the people.  Since most of the plants discussed are common ones any patch of open ground is suitable for a walk (though it is better to avoid paths where the event is constantly interrupted by passersby.   Both walks and talks can be useful for getting people of all ages to see their local flora with new eyes, and, lead older audiences to happily reminisce about their childhood memories.

No fee is usually charged, but the reimbursement of travel expenses to events outside the London area is appreciated.   It is hoped, however, that participants will contribute knowledge which can be added to Plant-lore Archive.   Contact:

See the Events listings on this website for information on some future walks and talks.

Image:  Roy Vickery leading an event at Horniman Gardens, London Borough of Lewisham, September 2013, © Tom Cowley.

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