Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

Plants of Remembrance – 3. Glory lily

Sad looking wreath of glory, or flame, lily (Gloriosa superba) placed on the ‘In Memoriam Rhodesia’ plot in the Westminster Abbey, London, Field of Remembrance.   Glory lily is the national flower of  Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia), but it is not certain when it was selected as such.  However, in April 1947 Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II),  then visiting Rhodesia with her parents, was presented with a brooch in the shape of a glory lily flower on her 21st birthday, suggesting that the plant was considered to be a symbol of the colony at that time.

Note:  On 12 November 2022 the Rhodesia plot in the Field of Remembrance did not have any glory lily placed on it.

Edited 12 Novober 2022.

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