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QUERY: Alpine plant-lore

Eyra Lundberg is interested in the plant-lore of  the Alpine region.  Does anyone know of any publications on Alpine plant-lore, or has anyone any memories, etc.,  which they would like to share?  If you have, please send them to


Helen Forrester, in chap. 16 of her By the Waters of Liverpool, 1981, records:  ‘For my twentieth birthday on 6th June, 1939, Friedrich, my ever faithful German penfriend, now a young officer in the Luftwaffe, sent me a small ivory edelweiss [Leontopodium alpinum] on a gold chain; in his part of Germany the edelweiss was, in the olden days, given by a boy to his prospective bride.  It was a lovely gift, the first piece of jewellery that I ever owned …’  [Caroline Morgan, January 2022].

Note received from Jeanette Kinsella, Hornsey, London, May 1983:  ‘Myrtle [Myrtus communis] –  Every girl grows her own pot plant to use in her wedding bouquet and head-dress.  If the plant dies, the girl will never marry.  Alpine regions of Austria, Switzerland and north Italy, 1950s and 60s’.

Updated 29 December 2022.

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