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Samolus_valerandi Brookweed (Samolus valerandi) is an inconspicuous short-lived perennial which is found in damp places, particularly near the sea. Does anyone know of any folklore attached to it or know of it being used in folk medicine?

David Allen and Gabrielle Hatfield in their Medicinal Plants in Folk Tradition (2004) mention two uses of brookweed:
p.128, ‘the sole folk use of it traced was as an external application for eye troubles. The user in question, an Englishman living in Wales, knew the plant by the name of kenningwort …’ [information derived from Rootsey, Observations upon some of the medical plants mentioned by Shakespeare, Transactions of the Royal Medico-botanical Society, 1832-3: 92].
p.355, used to treat ‘any malady affecting swine (England, unlocalised)’ [information from A. Pratt, The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Great Britain (1850-7)].
[RV, 28 September 2013].

Image: Kristian Peters, Wiki Commons.

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