Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

REMINDER: Event on 30 October

On Sunday 30 October Amanda Tuke, Roy Vickery and others will be continuing the South London Botanical Institute’s botanical survey of West Norwood Cemetery, London Borough of Lambeth, starting at 11 a.m. and continuing until c.1 p.m.  For further details please see the Events page on this website.

Report:  After a rainy start to the day the weather improved a great deal and 10 of us were able to spend a pleasant couple of hours identifying and recording plants in part of the Cemetery.  c.80 species of flowering plants and ferns were found. This was our fourth recording session, and we have covered approximately four-fifths of it. We plan to start again and record what’s in the remaining area in March, then we will continue on alternate months, working in sequence so that the areas we recorded early this year will be recorded late next year and vice-versa.  Thanks to everyone who has supported this project.

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