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REMINDER: Herbal Heritage, 4 September

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Roy Vickery will be leading a Herbal Heritage walk as the South London Botanical Institute’s contribution to the Lambeth Local History Fair, at St Mark’s church, Kennington, on Saturday 4 September, starting at 3.30 p.m. and continuing for c.45 minutes.  Both the Fair and the walk are free.

Report: About 20 people gathered on the church steps and moved off to the rather dull looking churchyard.  However, it was explained that it was often the most common plants which featured in folklore and folk medicine.  Soon we were examing a weedy patch which had a variety of these:  fat-hen, Chenopodium album, which is an ancient introduction to the British Isles, probably for use as a food plant; shepherd’s purse, Capsella bursa-pastoris, which is said to be enjoyed as a food in Japan, and was investigated as a cure for high blood pressure in Nigeria in the 1990s; dock, Rumex sp., the roots of which were used to cleanse the blood and get rid of persistent boils; and many more.

‘I enjoyed your walk around Kennington churchyard immensely.’

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