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REMINDER: Upcoming events 1 – 4 September 2022

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The following events will take place early in September, for further information please see the Events page on this website:

Thursday 1 September: Late Summer Flowers walk, Wandsworth Common, London Borough of Wandsworth.  Fully booked.

Report:  11 people, all those who had booked, turned up on a grey and dampish morning to spend about 75 minutes wandering around part of the Common and discussing some of the plants growing there.  These included knotgrass, Polygonum aviculare, which  came into prominence during the recent dry spell, by staying green while most other plants shrivelled and became brown; native alder, Alnus glutinosa, and Italian alder, A. cordata, apparently self-sown near the lake.

Friday 2 September:  Herbal Heritage: Edible & Medicinal Plants walk, Spring Gardens, Vauxhall, London Borough of Lambeth.

Report:  c. 28 gathered and spent about 75 minutes examining some of the common plants, most of them ‘weeds’, growing on this urban site, and discussing their varied uses.

Sunday 4 September:  11 a.m. – 1 p.m., Plant Survey, West Norwood Cemetery, London Borough of Lambeth, led jointly with Amanda Tuke.

Report:  10 of us spent about 1¾ hours examining a previously unexplored part of the Cemetery and recording all the plants which we were able to identify.  The most conspicuous feature of this part of the site was the land form of amphibious bistort, Persicaria amphibia, which is doing well in south London at present and is the dominant herb on much of the area.

Sunday 4 September: 3.30 – c.4.00 p.m. Wonderful Weeds walk, Railside Community Garden, Gleneldon Road, London Borough of Lambeth.

Report:  c.25 people spent about 40 minutes discussing ‘weeds’, including caper spurge (Euphorbia lathyris), ivy (Hedera helix) and nettle (Urtica dioica).

‘Another great talk’.

Images:  upper, knotgrass (photographed on Tooting Common, London Borough of Wandsworth, July 2022); lower, West Norwood Cemetery, 4 September 2022 .

Updated 20 September 2022.

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