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REMINDER: Wild Flower walk, 11 May

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On Thursday 11 May 2023 Roy Vickery will be leading the third, and last, of a series of wild flower walk, starting from the Woodfield Pavilion, off Abbotswood Road, Streatham, London Borough of Lambeth, starting at 11 a.m. and continuing for about an hour.  All welcome.

Report:  Rather disappointingly despite good weather only two people turned up for this walk, but we able to walk around the perimeter of the site and discuss the plants growing there, including cuckoo-flower or lady’s smock, Cardamine pratensis, which was flowering but not as abundantly as in some other years, the subspecies of Italian lords-and-ladies which does not have variegated leaves, Arum italicum ssp. neglectum, and the common lords-and-ladies, A. maculatum.  We also found and examined three oak apples, galls formed by the gall-wasp, Biorhiza pallida.

Future walks will be on Thursdays 15 June, 13 July and 10 August.

Image:  Roy Vickery, Clapham Common, London Borough of LambethApril 2023, © Carlos Bruzon.

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