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Royal Pavilion Christmas trees

Three of the Christmas trees displayed in the Royal Pavilion, Brighton, East Sussex:

One of two trees in the Banqueting Room: ‘During the reign of King William IV (1830-37) his Geman consort, Queen Adelaide, annually installed a Christmas tree for the children in the Royal Pavilion’.

Tree in the Music Room Gallery: ‘The large sunflower [Helianthus annuus] seen atop this tree draws inspiration … from George’s admiration and appreciation of King Louis XIV of France, also known as the Sun King’.

Although Christmas trees are said to have been introduced by Queen Charlotte, consort of George III, in 1800, they became popular after 1848, when a tree erected at Windsor by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria was shown in the Illustrated London News: ‘This captured the public imagination, and soon Christmas trees could be found in homes across Britain’.  This tree is a recreation of Victoria and Albert’s tree.

All photographed 21 December 2023.

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