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Sophia Wren’s poppy

Elsewhere on this website there are reports of British Legion poppies being used in apparently inappropriate ways, but it has also been noted that the poppy seems to have become a general symbol of remembrance, no longer restricted to service people who died in conflict during the First World War and subsequent wars.

Therefore it is interesting to see that the grave of Sophia Wren (1766-1849), great granddaughter of the architect and polymath, Sir Christopher Wren, in Old St Mary’s Churchyard, Bath, Somerset, has a poppy cross, and two night lights placed beside it.  Obviously Sophia had no direct connection with twentieth-century wars, so a poppy might seem inappropriate, but presumably the words ‘In Remembrance’ suggest that the cross can be used more widely.  As Sophia’s only claim to fame appears to be the fact that she had a famous ancestor, one wonders why her grave is considered worthy of decoration.

Image: 10 December 2018.

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