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Trafalgar Oak no. 1990

An earlier post on this website mentioned a Trafalgar Tree, a fastigiate oak, planted at Ferring, West Sussex, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, and it was asked if similar trees existed elsewhere.

Although apparently part of another project, a Trafalgar Oak, a non-fastigiate oak, Quercus robur, can be found in Castle Green, Herefordshire.  A plaque attached to the railings around this tree reads:

‘This Trafalgar Oak – no.1990          Dedicated to the Hereford Royal Naval Association                                                                                                   Supported by Herefordshire Community Tree Trust                                             Sited by The Friends of Castle Green                                                                         Planted by  The Lord Lieutenant of Herefordshire  The Countess of Darnley   On 1st March 2013.’

Photographed September 2021.

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