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World record swede

Both the Metro and The Times of 9 September 2013 carry reports that the world record for the largest swede (Brassica napus ssp. rapifera) was broken at the Giant Vegetable Championships held at the Rhondda Heritage Park, in Mid Glamorgan, Wales, on Sunday 8 September.
The vegetable was grown by 70-year-old Ian Neale, who held the record for the world record in 2011, but lost to an Alaskan grower. The world record is now 96.12 lbs (43.6 kg). Mr Neale also holds ‘records for gigantic beetroots [Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris] and carrots [Daucus carota].’
He commented that growers of giant vegetables should get more recognition for their hard work … ‘why shouldn’t we get knighthoods?’

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