Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

Spider plant

1. They say they [spider plants] are good at taking away the smell of fresh paint. It certainly seemed to work when I did some painting at home [Twickenham, Middlesex, June 2001].

Image: National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, April 2017.

Note: According to a letter from Torquay, in Saga Magazine, January 1998: ‘Given the furore these days over passive smoking, a remedy is for people to buy a spider plant, Chlorophytum …  During my years as a publican in Bristol, a number of the “smoke-eaters” placed around the pub brought comments from my customers that the bar was always free of the smell of smoking.’

And, in New Scientist of 22 August 1998:  ‘John Bratton was walking … in Gloucestershire when he overheard two other walkers talking to each other.  “The other good thing about spider plants,” one of them said “is they suck up all the radiation from office computers.”  He didn’t hear what the first miraculous property was.’