Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

St John’s wort

1. In Slovenia people tend to be closer to nature and St John’s wort is widely known and used. I remember going with friends to the riverbanks in the mountains near Kranjska Gora collecting armfuls of the bushes with the golden flowers in late summer for drying to use in teas in winter to stave off the blues. I drank some tea once without knowing, and in the evening I felt quite euphoric [South Norwood, London, October 2011].

2. [According to my grandparents, b.1856 and 1858] St John’s wort was brought into the house into the house and tied into bunches, hung in the windows – I believe it was supposed to prevent lightning striking the house [Cinderford, Gloucestershire, November 1993].

Image: Chatham station, Kent; July 2015.