Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

Wild Strawberry

1.  When wild strawberries were out in out farm lane we used to pick a long straight grass and thread the wild strawberries on the grass.  When we had enough we would take them home and put them in a dish with a little bit of sugar (which was scarce in those wartime days) with some cream, which was always plentiful on the farm [Tregaer, Monmouthshire, October 2013].

2.  Wild strawberry:  I only ever found these in one place, near the village of Tan Y Fron (near Llansannon).  The Welsh children showed me how to find these tiny strawberries growing in the bank at the side of the lane.  Each one was the size of a pea but they were very sweet and tasty.  (You never found enough for a decent meal though) [Childwall, Liverpool, May 2013].

Image:  Arundel, West Sussex; May 2016.