Collecting the folklore and uses of plants


1. We used to fed our hens on groundsel in New Zealand [Balham, London, May 2020].

2. My father (born 1906) told me that groundsel was used for worming horses in Ireland.  Dublin [Tooting, London, November 2017].

3.  Lived in Kent as a child … groundsel for rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens [Peckham, London, July 2012].

4. We used to collect groundsel to feed to our budgie [Blunsdon, Wiltshire, April 2012].

5. I remember being told by grandma, Burbage, Leicestershire, in maybe the 1980s, groundsel grew where witches had ‘urinated’ (to be polite) [e-mail, March 2012].

2014-10-22 15.12.566. We used to collect groundsel to feed to cage birds [Brockwell Park, London, February 2010].

7. I can recall many things of the First War in 1914-18 … My sister had very sore eyes and the only thing that stopped the ‘matter’ was grunsell [sic.] flowers boiled then ‘do’ her eyes night and morning with the strained liquid [Pocklington, East Yorkshire, December 1996].

Images:  main, Wandsworth Cemetery, January 2014; inset, Battersea Park, October 2014, both London Borough of Wandsworth.