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Boscobel Oak propagated

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According to a report in The Garden of May 2019, the Son of Boscobel, or Royal, Oak, has been propagated using graft material to produce 100 saplings which will be planted around the tree, thus creating dense woodland.

According to tradition in September 1651 King Charles II spent a night hiding in the original tree, then  in woodland, after escaping from the Battle of Worcester.   The existing tree, believed to be 250-years-old, and known as Son of Royal Oak, is said to have grown from a self-sown  sapling from the original tree.  Nearby stands the Victoria Oak, grown from a acorn to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897.  According to the site’s owners, English Heritage, the saplings will ‘re-create the dense woodland that made it such a good royal hiding place’.

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