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Chilli eating competition

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Dorset-naga-pepperThe Great Dorset Chilli Festival will take place at St Giles Park, Wimborne St Giles, on 2 and 3 August 2014.  The highlight of the event will be a chilli (Capsicum spp.) eating competition, ‘brave competitors will subject themselves to ten rounds of increasingly hot chillies, which they have to consume in it entirety before they progress to the next round.  The last man or woman standing will be crowned the winner.’  Other attractions include the annual chilli plant competition, a competition to prepare a gallon of chilli-con-carne (or vegetarian chilli), and chilli sauce tasting tent.  For further details see www.GreatDorsetChilli [Blackmore Vale Magazine, 25 July 2014].

Image: Dorset Naga chilli, reputed at one time to be the world’s hottest; FrDarryl, Wiki Commons.


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