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Clan badges: Scots pine, 2

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Another card in Raphael Tuck & Sons ‘Scottish Clans’ series; although the postmark is not clear, it appears to have been posted in Elgin on 7 September 1907.

On the reverse of the card is provided the information:

The Clan Macalpine.  The origin of this clan is lost in the mists of antiquity.  They claim to be the most ancient clan in the Highlands, and boast that they are a Royal race, being descended from Alpine, King of Scotland, who was killed in the year 834.  This clan includes the Macgregors, Mackinnons, Grants, and several other branches.  The family seat is supposed to have been at Dunstaffnage, near Oban.  The war cry was  “Remember the death of Alpin” and the badge “Pine Tree” [Pinus sylvestris].’

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