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Commemorating the Glorious Revolution

William of Orange landed at Brixham, south Devon, on 5 November 1688 to depose his Roman Catholic father-in-law, King James II and lead the Glorious Revolution, which ensured that Britain remained protestant.  In commemoration of this members of the Plymouth District Loyal [Orange] Lodge march lay wreaths at the base of the statue of William, each year on the Saturday nearest 5 November. In 2023 this was Saturday the 4th.

According to the Secretary of the Lodge, writing in November 2023:  ‘The event has been going on for many years.  Probably nearly 100.  In 1988 when Her late Majesty visited there 5,000 in the parade.  The parade in its current format has been going for around 25 years.’

Photographs taken 5 November 2023.

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