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‘Folk Flora’ reviewed

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The first review of Vickery’s Folk Flora appeared in the Sunday Times of 31 March 2019. According to the reviewer, Christopher Hart:

‘Roy Vickery’s magisterial  Folk Flora is an encyclopaedic door-stopper based on a heroic lifetime of scholarship, and full of such wonderful details, covering the entire range of our native flora.  There is arguably more folk than flora here: this isn’t a wildflower identifier, and you won’t find much about whether elderberries or nettles at really good for you, only that our forebears believed they were.  For that advice, you need a good up-to-date field guide and herbal.’

All in all the review is very positive, though the reviewer appears to have overlooked that the Flora also covers cultivated plants, for example there are extensive entries for  both apple (Malus pumila) and potato (Solanum tuberosum).

Edited 20 March 2022.

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