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James Britten

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James_BrittenJames Britten (1846-1924) was a botanist on the staff of the British Museum. He was also a founder member of the Folklore Society, and in 1884 revived the then moribund Catholic Truth Society. In September 1870 he appealed in Notes & Queries for material for inclusion in a ‘small volume on folklore connected with plants’. This work was never published, but Britten made a major contribution to plant-lore studies when with Robert Holland he compiled the English Dialect Society’s Dictionary of English Plant-names, 1878-86. (This work is the source of most of the names included in Geoffrey Grigson’s Englishman’s Flora, 1955, though Grigson seems to have deliberately avoided acknowledging his debt to it).
Britten was a prolific writer on a wide range of topics, and his writings were published in an exceedingly wide range of publications including Hardwicke’s Science Gossip, The Journal of Botany (which he edited from 1879 until his death), The Tablet and a number of CTS pamphlets.
Stephen Miller is working on a longterm project to compile a bibliography of Britten’s work, and would appreciate learning of any publications which people come across; please send in information via the Plant-Lore website.

See: A.R. Vickery, James Britten: A founder member of the Folklore Society, Folklore 89: 71-4, 1978.

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