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La Tomatina in London

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As is usual in August British newspapers carry stories about the annual La Tomatina festival which takes place in Buñol, Valencia, where, according to the London Evening Standard of 20 August 2018, people throw about 14,500kg of tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) at each other in a fight which usually lasts for about an hour.                                                                                                        In London a version of the event will be hosted by the Spanish restaurant Aqua Nueva in Oxford Street on Saturday 25 August.  For £49 per person participants will partake of a three-course lunch and cocktail at the restaurant before heading to ‘the Carousel event venue in Marylebone for a … vodka cocktail masterclass – and a Bloody Mary’.  After this guests will be given a poncho and invited to take part in a ‘big tomato fight’.  Ugly and unloved fruits, which would have otherwise gone to waste, will be used, and any leftovers will go to a ‘compost facility’.

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