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Labour’s red rose – 2

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As noted elsewhere on this website, the  red rose has been the symbol of Britain’s Labour Party since 1986.  Despite the Conservative government appearing incompetent and divided, the official opposition party – Labour – seems equally divided and equally chaotic, and unable to capitalise on their opponent’s weakness.

The placard shown here was carried on the so-called People’s March for a Second Vote (a second referendum on whether or not the United Kingdom should leave the European Union)* on 23 March 2019.  According to its carrier, what the country needs is a real, effective opposition.

*Despite its name the supporters of the march were entirely remainers, people who want stay in the EU; leavers – ‘Breixiteers’ – insist that the result of the first, 2016, referendum, in which they obtained a small majority, must be respected.

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