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NHM Wildlife Garden update

003Earlier today (19 December 2015) a number of supporters of the London Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Garden leafletted visitors to the Museum protesting about plans to destroy large parts of the Garden in an effort to improve access to the Museum.

There are some signs that the Museum’s management are listening to the many people (36,600+) who have signed the petition – see  –  and have protested in other ways.  At a recent ‘townhall meeting’ Museum staff were informed that once the new lay-out of the Museum’s grounds is in place there will be great opportunities for wildlife monitoring.  What relevance this has is unclear.  The Garden’s wildlife has been recorded for over 20 years, producing a list that contains some 3,000 species.  If the Garden is severely damaged this recording will come to an end.  It is unnecessary for a new lay-out to be created, monitoring that extends more than two decades of invaluable recording can start immediately.

Perhaps there’s something wrong with the Museum’s underlying philosophy.  It produces bags with the slogan ‘I (or we) am (or are) on the side of nature’.  It’s hard to see how the proposed changes demonstrate any support for ‘nature’, but, more importantly, surely a better, less arrogant, slogan would be ‘I (or we) am (or are) part of nature.’

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