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Plant-lore Archive: December 2016

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Eight pieces of information were received during the month; special thanks to Janet Rawlings for her memories of collecting rose (Rosa) hips, foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) seeds and sphagnum moss, in Scotland during World War II.  The Archive now holds 7365 items of information from 1981 contributors.

5060 searches were made of the website (up from 3986 in December 2015).

Work continued on the Folk Flora, with a hesitant start being made on an essay on plants in popular culture in the nineteenth century for a multi-volume work on The Cultural History of Plants.  At the end of the year much time was spent revising the database of ‘local names’ which forms the basis of the Local Names page on the website.

A visit was made to Tenbury, Worcestershire, for its annual Mistletoe (Viscum album) festival.

One (very) minor publication was produced:  ‘Did you ever …’, The Bedside 2016 (Wandsworth Society): 53.

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